Losing access to your bitcoin, ethereum or other cryptocurrency is frustrating, but Bitcoin Recovery Co. is here to help.  The best way to determine if your coins can be recovered is to reach out to our cryptocurrency recovery experts to get a personalized assessment of your situation.

You can give us a call today to find out how we can help you and how the process works. You can also find answers to some frequently asked questions below to learn more about cryptocurrency recovery and about why you should trust our experts to help you.

  • What types of situations can Bitcoin Recovery Co. help with when bitcoin, ethereum or other cryptocurrencies cannot be recovered?

At Bitcoin Recovery Co., we provide help recovering cryptocurrencies when you have lost the password to your cryptocurrency wallet or when you are not able to access bitcoin or ethereum and have no wallet. We also provide assistance when you cannot access your cryptocurrencies because of a computer virus, a hardware or a software problem, a damaged hard drive, a computer no longer in your possession, or a host of other issues.

  • Is it always possible to recover a lost password?

Recovering lost passwords when you cannot access your cryptocurrency wallet or otherwise cannot gain access to your bitcoins, ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies is never guaranteed. One thing that is certain is that recovering your password on your own or through brute force guessing is almost impossible.

Cryptocurrencies have value because of the strong security protocols of blockchain technology.  These security protocols mean individuals aren’t going to be successful at accessing their coins without their public and private key and access is strictly limited to the owner with the password.

At Bitcoin Recovery Co., we have specialized proprietary techniques that can maximize the chances of successful password recovery.  The more information you have about what you believe your password may be, the greater the chances we will be able to successfully help you to recover your lost coins.

  • What fees do you charge for your services?

We realize our competitors offer a fixed price for the job. However, we tend to deal with more complex situations with multiple factors impacting the cost and overall success of the operation. Typically, our fees start at 15% of the recovered amount. Submit your case to us to get a fast quote and free consultation.

  • How does the cryptocurrency recovery process work?

The cryptocurrency recovery process is customized to address the issues that are preventing you from accessing your bitcoins, ethereum, or alt currencies.  When you reach out to Bitcoin Recovery Co., we will discuss the problems you are having, whether the issue is a transaction that did not complete, a fork in the block chain, a missing password, or a hardware or software issues.

We will provide an assessment of the likelihood of recovery and can put our computer skills and proprietary recovery software to work immediately to assist with the recovery process.  There are different steps taken to recover passwords versus to address other issues preventing you from accessing your cryptocurrency, but in every step, we implement the approach must likely to lead to a successful recovery.